Westvaco payment questioned by Miller

Tyrone Borough Council agreed last evening, with one dissenting vote, to pay MeadWestvaco $14,425 for a broken waterline on 10th Street in exchange for easement across that company’s property to replace a waterline. The payment was included in a motion awarding the bid for the million dollar waterline replacement project to Laurel Management.
“I cannot, in good conscience, vote for payment of nearly $15,000 to Westvaco,” dissenting Councilmember Sarah Miller told Council as the issue came up for a vote, after Vice President Bill Latchford and Sharon Dannaway had motioned for approval. “After reviewing the facts, the Borough Consulting Engineer, Water Department, Sewer Department, Borough Manager and the insurance company all felt the Borough was not responsible for the waterline break and therefore should not pay Westvaco.”
Miller said that she agreed with the findings and noted, “We’re paying for an easement that is probably worth a couple thousand dollars at most.”
The item was approved and Laurel Management is expected to begin work as soon as applicable state and federal approval is granted. The company’s bid for the project was $947,924. The Borough is expected to meet with Laurel Management August 7.
The waterline break occured in January of this year and the Borough and Westvaco had been in disagreement as to who would be responsible for the repairs. The problem was with the MeadWestvaco waterline where Berlin Street meets 10th Street. This reverses the stance of the Borough that the break was not caused by Streetscape construction, as was claimed by MeadWaestvaco.
The Borough now has all the easements required to begin the waterline project, which will replace many of Tyrone’s antiquated lines.