Subdivisions approved by Antis Township supervisors

Last evening the Antis Township Board of Supervisors met to discuss matters within the township amongst board members and a well populated room of Antis Township citizens.
A number of subdivisions were approved by the board that included the Young, Cawthern, Ryan, Stephen and Surplus World Subdivisions.
“The Planning Commission went all over the subdivisions and inspected them. The supervisors got together and looked at some of the subdivisions and we all agreed that they were all in compliance,” Antis Township Supervisor Ray Amato said. “We wanted to make sure everyone was on one sheet of music in Antis Township. We don’t want to make it hard on anyone.”
Antis Township Board of Supervisors also passed a motion for issuing a building permit for W.W. Engine and Supply located along Brush Mountain Road with the posting of a bond being in place.
“The W.W. Engine and Supply project is a big asset for Antis Township,” said Amato. “It will provide 35 jobs and will also expand.”
Amato and Bob Srock will meet with the owner and look at the roads and the driveways for the project.
The Antis Township Board took no action towards the renewal on Health Insurance by UPMC due to circumstances of increase. A 36 percent increase (estimated $10,000) is expected and the board would like to take a harder look at the issue. A meeting in September is projected for a decision.
A petition request for a four way stop at the intersection of South Tuckahoe and East Eighth Street was motioned by the board to be tabled until further studies can be conducted. Presently, traffic is low at the location, but it could possibly pick up after the Route 865 Bridge is completed.
A Road Report was issued by Supervisor Amato on a number of projects within the township. Norfolk Southern is now working on a culvert on Stetter Road. They are replacing the cement floor and repairing loose stone and also cleaning out the waterway into the culvert. No charge will be issued to the township.
A storm water problem at Woods Lane in Bell-Air Estates has also been resolved. The culde-sac was at an angle and the water was flowing into residents’ yards, driveways and homes. The township installed 14 yards of black top, dug down and made a curve to stop water to put into the regular ditch.
“The employees are doing a good job,” said Amato. “A well deserved thank you goes out to Bob Srock for making sure the work gets done.”
Other business decided upon by the Antis Township Board of Supervisors included a six month extension granted for repairs of a house and garage at RR 7 Box 504, Altoona.
A partial refund of $412.15 was granted to Bottling Group LLC for Township Property Tax as due by change in assessment. A motion was also accepted for a logging agreement with Christine Logging and Firewood for a section of Riggles Gap Road.
The Antis Township Board passed motion to make note that proposals were received for the creation of an Agricultural Security Area for Robert and Sally Smith, RD 2 Box 472, Tyrone, and for Charles and Kathleen Taylor, RD 5 Box 628A, Tyrone.
In a couple weeks the board should know who they will be interviewing for the new Managerial position. Antis Township Board of Supervisors will hold their next meeting on September 5, 2002.