Crossing Guard issue on Snyder Township agenda tonight

The Snyder Township Board of Supervisors will again take up the issue of the Tyrone School Police Crossing Guard issue at tonight’s meeting of the Supervisors.
In the past, Snyder Township has rejected giving Tyrone School Police authority over Clay Avenue Extension before, during and after school hours.
With the 2002 revisions to the Pennsylvania School Code, the Tyrone School District is unable to provide even crossing guards without an agreement with Snyder Township.
In a letter from Superintendent of Schools Dr. William Miller, the School District has requested the following be placed on the agenda.
“We are requesting that the proposed Agreement of Jurisdiction between Snyder Township and the Tyrone Area School District be placed on the August 5, 2002 Township agenda for official action,” the letter reads. “The proposed agreement would grant authorization for school personnel to direct traffic on Clay Avenue in front of the Elementary and Middle and High School before, during and after regular school hours, as well as during special school events.”
The District also enclosed a letter from Captain Joseph Holmberg of the Pennsylvania State Police in Hollidaysburg.
Holmberg’s letter states, “My suggestion to help resolve this issue would be for the Tyrone School District to enter into an agreement with Snyder Township that would allow authorized school personnel to direct traffic along Clay Avenue during the hours when the students are arriving and departing school.”
Holmberg added, “Throughout the school year at carious times, Sergeant Timothy Mercer, Operations Section Supervisor, will assign both marked and unmarked patrol units to conduct speed enforcement along Clay Avenue near the school complex.”
According to the Second Class Township Code, section 1915 part c, the matter could be resolved easily.
The code states, “The Board of Supervisors may approve an ordinance allowing a Board of School Directors to assume hiring and oversight of school crossing guards. Before the Board of Supervisors may approve such an ordinance, the Board of Directors of the School District shall approve a resolution requesting the authority to assume the hiring and oversight of school crossing guards. The ordinance shall outline how the police department will provide any necessary training and assistance of the school crossing guards while on duty. Such school crossing guards will be authorized only in management of traffic and pedestrians in and around areas identified by the police department and the school superintendent or his or her designees. Once the ordinance receives approval by the Board of Supervisors, the school district shall assume the cost of compensation, including fixing such compensation, if any, of school crossing guards. The Board of Directors shall notify the Board of Supervisors of those hired to serve as school crossing guards and request the necessary training or assistance be provided as outlined by the ordinance.”
The Snyder Township Board of Supervisors meet tonight at 7 p.m. at the Snyder Township Municipal Building.