Belarus child and mother coming to Bellwood praying for a miracle

J. Perry Haupt, of Bellwood, is assisting in some miraculous deeds not just here, but in Russia also. Haupt serves in a mission ministry in Krichev, Belarus where he and others are helping to present Christ to the Russian people.
Currently Haupt’s mission work is expanding to serve four other developing churches and an orphanage of 182 children six to sixteen years of age.
The mission does summer tent camping that is now going strong in three city and village churches with tents that were shipped from here.
The Krichev church children invite all their friends who are mostly from atheist homes, which creates a pathway to the churches for both children and families. Haupt said that this was one of the best ways to introduce the children and youth to Christianity.
Teaching the children, in Belarus, Christianity is only part of Haupt’s mission in Russia. Many of the church children in Belarus have been and still are victimized by the Chernobyl accident that occurred April 26, 1986.
The Chernobyl Power Plant in the Ukraine (former Soviet Union) had a reactor overheat causing a meltdown of the core. Two explosions blew the top off the reactor building releasing clouds of deadly radioactive material in the atmosphere for over ten days. The people of Chernobyl were exposed to radioactivity 100 times greater than the Hiroshima bomb. The people of the world and Northern Europe were greeted with clouds of radioactive material being blown northward through the sky.
Seventy percent of the radiation is estimated to have fallen on the far eastern region of Krichev, Belarus, where Haupt serves in the growing mission ministry. To this day, babies are still being born without arms, no eyes, or only stumps for limbs. It is estimated that over 15 million people have been victimized by the disaster in some way.
Haupt and the mission continue to supply vitamins and other medicines for these children and families to help boost their depleted immune systems from the radiation sickness. Teenagers are just now developing thyroid problems and babies will continue to be born for many years to come with the results of Chernobyl.
Haupt added, “I work directly in the region of Belarus where much of the radiation fell. Thousands of children have been affected. He continued, “The Chernobyl Organization in America brings children to the United States for rest and help and I try to supply vitamins and assistance while I’m in Belarus.”
Last November Haupt and the mission were able to have the Pastor’s son from the Krichev church come here for open heart surgery. The nine year old boy’s name is Sasha Kazimirov, and he had his surgery done at West Virginia University Hospital, which was a great success.
Sasha had a remarkable recovery while in Bellwood and Haupt was able to visit with him while he was in Belarus this past March.
According to Haupt, Sasha has new life now as he is very active and eating well. He was finishing a home schooling program for this past school year, but Sasha will be back to school with his friends this Fall. Haupt stated, “Pastor Misha and wife, Lena, have asked me to thank everyone who prayed and helped bring Sasha here for his life-saving surgery. Sasha is their only child and they are so grateful for your loving care.”
He added, “That boy was only given one year to live, and now to see him as a growing child playing and having fun is miraculous.” But Haupt hasn’t stopped with Sasha’s recovery. This Fall Haupt plans to bring nine year old Liza Medvedskaya here for a heart correction process. Liza is an only child, and her mother, Elena, will accompany her on a six month visitor visa.
Haupt said, “Her (Liza) heart problem may cut her life short, so how can I say no to perhaps saving her life?” And Haupt never hesitated in answering that question, but he did add that only the extreme cases are brought over here for assistance.
Haupt met Liza and her mother, Elena, in the mission’s Krichev church during one of his Bible teaching sessions, where the mother and daughter have begun a new life in Christ.
While they are here Haupt plans to have Liza enrolled in the third grade at Myers Elementary School in Bellwood. Elena is a middle school teacher of math in the Krichev schools and she plans to do some observing of American teaching methods at the Bellwood-Antis School District.
Liza and Elena will be arriving in Bellwood August 27th. Many people are probably wondering how a mission is able to provide funds to transport these individuals to the States. Haupt said, “There’s no distinct way of raising funds, it comes from passing the word and various people helping.”
Two people who have been great contributors to Sasha and Liza’s trip are Barry and Sandy Neal of the Williamsburg United Methodist Church. Many churches and individuals participated in subsidizing the costs of bringing Sasha to the area and Haupt is hopeful for everyone’s prayers and support to bring Liza here also.
Haupt and everyone involved appreciate anyone’s continued support and prayers. One hundred percent of all contributions to Trinity UMW, Bellwood go directly to helping present Christ to the Russian people.
If anyone is interested in donating to this cause you can contact Perry Haupt at 814-742-8868 or e-mail him at