Road tax gone in Tyrone Township

A drop in taxes? Hard to imagine but that’s what happened this year. The four dollar road tax has been dropped in Tyrone Township. Although its not shown on the bills for the Tyrone Area School District, the Altoona School District had their bills printed already. Those residents need not pay it.
“The Supervisors decided to do without it this year,” said Sarah Pine, Tyrone Township Tax Collector.
The Tyrone Township Supervisors recently voted to eliminate the four dollar road tax for the Altoona School District residents because the Tyrone Area School District, which comprises the other part of Tyrone Township previously eliminated their per capita tax. The tax amounted to between $3,000 and 3,500.
Something else new in the township are road signs. All township and state roads are named with road signs that have been installed.
“All the signs we’re going to put up are done” said John Burket, Tyrone Township Secretary. “The cost of the road signs was almost $4,000. The road signs will comply with 911.”
Residents can start using the road names immediately.