Library project awaiting final floor plans

The Tyrone-Snyder Public Library’s new building project, at the corner of 10th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, is still in the planning stages with final floor plans slated to be ready by late August, according to Board Publicity Chairperson Chuck Banas.
“We’ve met with architect James Kasun, of Kasun & Associates,” Banas said Wednesday. “He has been instrumental in designing the libraries in Williamsburg, Bellwood and is currently working on another.”
Banas said that the floor plans that had been supplied by developer Jeff Long needed some changes and the board’s decision to go with Kasun to provide guidance will help eliminate unforeseen problems in the future.
“The initial floor plans were designed with input from the library staff, board members and people who have been active with the library in the past,” Banas added. “There has been some adjustments to the amount of space that is available and we want to be sure the design is the best possible.”
Banas said that by going with an architect, the board would be certain that the plans would be architecturally sound and would meet Department of Labor & Industry standards.
He said that the board is hoping to have a final set of plans by August 20, with construction starting immediately following. “We’ve had some really good suggestions and we’re real close right now,” he said. “We could start in a matter of weeks.”
Long said he was awaiting final approval of the floor plans from the board, noting, “Right now we’re in a holding pattern.”
Banas said that the board was looking at the project as one that will be in Tyrone for a long time. By taking the extra time to investigate the best layout for the new structure, the board is attempting to avoid problems in future years. “It’s a community thing,” he said. “We want to make sure that the library does not have to go back and fix something that could have been caught during the planning stages.”
Banas added that if the plans are approved, the library would be under roof by the fall.