Alumni Association of Tyrone schools takes first steps

The Tyrone Area School District’s Alumni Association held an organizational meeting last night at the elementary school to chart the group’s course. Fifteen alumni from classes ranging from 1991 back to the 1950s came out to help jump-start Tyrone’s first-ever organization to be run by former students and dedicated to a number of issues related to education in the district.
“I really only acted as a facilitator,” noted District Superintendant Dr. William Miller of last night’s meeting. “I was happy to that, but as the association becomes organized the district will only be playing a supportive role. We had a good productive meeting and by the nest meeting there should be officers in place and a set of by-laws and at that point it will be organized.”
Leslie Ieraci, class of ’90, attended the meeting and pointed out that the association will be organized as a non-profit organization and is focusing on supporting the schools in a number of areas.
“Some of the issues we talked about were an updated directory of alumni, establishing an historical room, honoring alumni and developing scholarships,” Ieraci said. “We have another meeting scheduled for August 22 at 7 p.m. We are hoping to have more alumni show up and take part in forming the association.”
Ieraci said that a membership drive is likely to occur in the fall once the specifics have been ironed out. She said that the inspiration for the Alumni Association was spawned by other districts in the area who have similar organizations.
“I think it is a good thing,” she said. “Most school districts in the area have a foundation or an alumni association that can be a valuable asset to the schools. They offer scholarships, honor alumni and help keep the schools connected with the community.”
The Tyrone Area School District’s Alumni Association will be organized with a board of directors, a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer and committees will be formed to delve into issues such as booster programs, classroom projects and the aforementioned ideas.
“One way it can help is as the association gets on its feet, it can be used as a resource ofr locating classmates as classes organize their reunions,” Ieraci added.
The next meeting of the Tyrone Alumni Association will be August 22.